TNS/TIPS for RNA preparation

Kevin Folta kfolta at
Fri Apr 23 13:27:24 EST 2004

Last year I posted a note, looking for a supplier of TIPS/TNS - 
triisopropylnaphthalenesulfonic acid for use in plant RNA preps. This 
reagent was especially useful in generating large amounts of 
array-quality RNA from etiolated Arabidopsis, among other tissues.

I was deluged with responses stating that this reagent was no longer 
available. Some suggested I substitute SDS.  This substitution does 
not work well.

I was able to locate a supplier of DIPS/DNS, a di-isopropyl 
substitute of naphthalenesulfonic acid.  Because the downstream 
applications are sensitive, time consuming and costly, we extensively 
tested DIPS as a substitute for TIPS, even though they are almost 

The results of these trials verified that DIPS is a direct 
replacement for TIPS in protocols utilizing 

I found the reagent at Cactus Biotech in Hayward California, 
<> .

Thanks for all of your input.

Kevin Folta

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