Postdoctoral Position available in proteomics/mass

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Sun Aug 1 10:38:08 EST 2004

Postdoctoral Position available in proteomics/mass spectrometry at 
Cornell University (CU), USA van Wijk lab

A postdoctoral position (2-3 years) is available to work on 
comparative proteomics of chloroplast mutants and protein-protein 
interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana. Focus will be on the functional 
role of plastid-localized Clp protease complexes and thylakoid 
proteins of unknown function. The applicant will use state-of the art 
comparative proteomics tools, including stable isotope labeling (e.g. 
ICAT, ITRAP) and mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS, LC-ESI-MS/MS, 
MALDI-TOF-TOF). Mass spectrometers and other proteomics 
infrastructure are available within the van Wijk lab, as well as the 
Biotechnology Center at CU.

Information concerning plastid proteome analysis is available via the 
Plastid Proteome Data Base PPDB at For 
more information about the van Wijk lab see

The postdoc will work together in a team of 10-12 molecular 
geneticists, biochemists and plant biologists and is expected to 
interact on a regular basis with bio-informaticians.

Recent publications from the van Wijk lab are:

Friso G, Giacomelli L, Ytterberg AJ, Peltier JB, Rudella A, Sun Q, 
Wijk KJ (2004) In-depth analysis of the thylakoid membrane proteome 
of Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplasts: new proteins, new functions, 
and a plastid proteome database. Plant Cell 16: 478-499

Peltier JB, Ripoll DR, Friso G, Rudella A, Cai Y, Ytterberg J, 
Giacomelli L, Pillardy J, Van Wijk KJ (2004) Clp Protease Complexes 
from Photosynthetic and Non-photosynthetic Plastids and Mitochondria 
of Plants, Their Predicted Three-dimensional Structures, and 
Functional Implications. J Biol Chem 279: 4768-4781

Sun Q, Emanuelsson O, van Wijk KJ (2004) Analysis of curated and 
predicted plastid subproteomes of Arabidopsis. Subcellular 
compartmentalization leads to distinctive proteome properties. Plant 
Physiol 135: 723-734

Zabrouskov V, Giacomelli L, Van Wijk KJ, McLafferty FW (2003) A New 
Approach for Plant Proteomics: Characterization of Chloroplast 
Proteins of Arabidopsis thaliana by Top-down Mass Spectrometry. Mol 
Cell Proteomics 2: 1253-1260

  Peltier JB, Emanuelsson O, Kalume DE, Ytterberg J, Friso G, Rudella 
A, Liberles DA, Soderberg L, Roepstorff P, von Heijne G, van Wijk KJ 
(2002) Central Functions of the Lumenal and Peripheral Thylakoid 
Proteome of Arabidopsis Determined by Experimentation and Genome-Wide 
Prediction. Plant Cell 14: 211-236.

Application Instructions: Applicants MUST have a very strong 
background in protein chemistry AND mass spectrometry, as is 
evidenced by one or more strong publications in International 
Journals. Do not apply if you don't have experience with mass 
spectrometry on proteins and peptides.  Send your CV and the names of 
3 references to <mailto:kv35 at>kv35 at

Klaas J. van Wijk
Assistant Professor
Dept of Plant Biology
332 Emerson Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
tel +1-607-255-3664

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