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Wed Aug 25 10:12:07 EST 2004

Dear colleague,

This is the second announcement of the Symposium=20
in Plant Biology "Function and Fate in Plants:=20
Physiological Traits and Ecological Success"=20
sponsored by the Plant Biology Graduate Program=20
at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and=20
the Five College Consortium. The event will be=20
held on Saturday, October 2, 2004 on the campus=20
of Smith College, in Northampton, MA. The=20
symposium will feature a day long program of=20
speakers, along with a poster session featuring=20
contributions from attendees. We apologize for=20
any duplicate email messages but wanted to make=20
sure that a broad group of members from the plant=20
community received information about the event.

This year's presenters will be Bill Davies from=20
Lancaster University, UK; Peter Alpert from the=20
University of Massachusetts - Amherst; Johanna=20
Schmitt from Brown University; Frank Berendse=20
from Wageningen University, the Netherlands;=20
Peter Reich from the University of Minnesota; and=20
Phil Grime from Sheffield University, UK. A full=20
schedule of the day=EDs events is posted below.

The symposium is free and we strongly encourage=20
undergraduate and graduate students to attend and=20
present posters. To register and get more=20
information go to:=20

Deadline for registration is Friday, September=20
10, 2004. Please mark your calendars, take a=20
moment to register, and we hope to see you in=20

Peter Alpert and Tobias Baskin
Symposium organizers, Plant Biology Graduate Program, UMass Amherst
"Function and Fate in Plants: Physiological Traits and Ecological Success"

8:00 am - Registration and poster set-up

BILL DAVIES, Lancaster University, UK
"Long distance chemical signalling from soil to=20
roots to shoots and the regulation of water use"

PETER ALPERT, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
"Signaling and sharing between connected plants within clones"

JOHANNA SCHMITT, Brown University
"Ecological genomics of seasonal timing and=20
adaptation to climate in Arabidopsis thaliana"

12:00 noon - Lunch and poster preview

=46RANK BERENDSE, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
"Soil fertility, plant species, and long-term community dynamics"

PETER REICH, University of Minnesota
"Causes and consequences of plant functional=20
diversity: from dappled understory to global=20

PHIL GRIME, Sheffield University, UK
"Plant strategy theory: 1974 and 2004"

4:20 pm - Poster session and reception


Susan Capistran
Program Manager
Plant Biology Graduate Program
Rm. 217 Morrill Science Center
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA   01003
capistran at
phone (413) 577-3217
fax (413) 545-3243

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