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Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee

Nobody nobody at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Feb 3 05:05:33 EST 2004

Dear Members of the International Arabidopsis Research Community,

In conjunction with the 14th International Conference on Arabidopsis 
Research held last summer in Madison, USA, the Multinational 
Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC) held its annual business 
meeting.  With this letter sent to every member of the Arabidopsis 
Research Community we want to explain the purpose of the MASC and 
invite everyone to make use of the resources we are making available.

The MASC is a committee made up of Arabidopsis researchers from 14 
countries around the world where Arabidopsis Functional Genomics 
Research is taking place.  Membership on the committee is determined 
by the countries represented, and is open to any country or group of 
countries that desires representation.
The goals and specific responsibilities of the MASC are:
*	To coordinate programmatic aspects of the Arabidopsis 
research world-wide
*	To facilitate open communication and free exchange of data, 
materials and ideas among the Arabidopsis research community
*	To monitor and summarize progress of scientific activities of 
participating laboratories
*	To identify needs and opportunities of the Arabidopsis 
research community and communicate them to funding agencies of 
participating nations
*	To periodically update and adjust the course of the 
=46unctional Genomics Project

More information about the MASC, our role within the Arabidopsis 
research community and our goals and responsibilities can be found at 

The most important aspect of our work is the establishment and 
maintenance of communication and coordination among Arabidopsis 
researchers around the world.  To facilitate these goals, the 
following actions were taken during 2001-2003:
*	The full-time MASC coordinator is Isabell Witt for the year 
2004 funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG). From 2001-2003 
Rebecca Joy was the NSF funded fulltime coordinator.
*	A MASC web site has been established at the TAIR website by 
Rebecca Joy 
http://www.arabidopsis.org/info/2010_projects/MASC_Info.jsp It 
contains information about the committee itself, as well as the 
functional genomics projects ongoing in countries with representation 
on MASC. There are several useful links to databases, MASC 
subcommittees and representatives of all countries listed that are 
members of MASC:
*	Argentina
*	Australia and New Zealand
*	Austria
*	Canada
*	China
*	European Union
*	France
*	Germany
* AFGN Abstracts
*	Italy
*	Japan
*	The Netherlands
*	Nordic Arabidopsis Network
*	United Kingdom
*	United States
* 2010 Abstracts

*	MASC reports from 2002 and 2003 can be downloaded as PDF 
files on this page

To make major contributions to the coordination of International 
Arabidopsis research, and especially the ongoing world-wide 
=46unctional Genomics projects, the MASC instituted a system of 
subcommittees, each of which will track progress toward the goals 
outlined for the Functional Genomics community in the 2002 planning 
document.  These subcommittees are composed of members of the 
Arabidopsis community with expertise in each of the four following 

*	Bioinformatics
	Members of the Subcommittee:
*	Fabrice Legeai
*	Sean May
*	Klaus Mayer
*	Yasukazu Nakamura
*	Sue Rhee
*	Chris Town (Chair)
*	Yves van de Peer

*	ORFeomics cDNAs and Clone-based Functional Proteomics
	Members of the Subcommittee:
*	Pierre Hilson (Chair)
*	Kazuo Shinozaki
*	Ian Small
*	Chris Town

*	Multiparallel Analytical Tools, including whole-genome 
markers, microarrays, 	and phenotype analysis
	Members of the Subcommittee:
*	Gerco Angenent
*	Mike Beale
*	Jerry Cohen
*	Paul DuPree
*	Oliver Fiehn
*	Mary Lou Guerinot
*	Heribert Hirt
*	Martin Kuiper
*	Keith Lindsey
*	Sean May
*	Lutz Nover
*	Kiyotaka Okada
*	G=F6ran Sandberg
*	Motoaki Seki
*	Mike Sussman

*	Reverse and Forward Genetics Stocks including markers and 
natural variation
	Members of the Subcommittee:
*	Steve Henikoff
*	Minami Matsui
*	Ian Small
*	Mike Sussman
*	Satoshi Tabata
*	Paola Vittorioso
*	Bernd Weisshaar (Chair)
*	Expanded in 2003 by
*	Thomas Altmann
*	Maarten Koorneef
*	Magnus Nordborg
*	Randy Scholl

Representatives to each of the subcommittees will be encouraged to be 
in frequent contact with Arabidopsis colleagues in their country or 
region who are contributing to research in their field. In turn, each 
member of the Arabidopsis community is encouraged to be in contact 
with their MASC representative or subcommittee representative to 
communicate where his or her research fits into our community efforts 
and where he or she sees needs or new opportunities.

The MASC has been formed and continues to operate with the 
realization that the only way we will make the significant progress 
toward understanding the Arabidopsis biological system that must be 
made in the next few years is by acknowledging that we are all 
working toward the same goals, and that to achieve them we must all 
work together.  We invite comments and participation from the 
community always but especially now would like to encourage you 
because the MASC report 2004 will be available at the 15th 
International Conference on Arabidopsis Research 
www.arabidopsis2004.de This report should contain like in the past a 
summarizing update on Arabidopsis Research world wide and should show 
where Arabidopsis Research will be in the future.

On behalf of the MASC,

Isabell Witt, executive secretary and coordinator

The MASC web site can be accessed at: 

The 2002 MASC planning document, entitled "The Multinational 
Arabidopsis thaliana Functional Genomics Project: Beyond the Whole 
Genome Sequence" is available for download at 

Dr. Isabell Witt
MPI of Molecular Plant Physiology
Am Muehlenberg 1
14476 Golm
++49 (0) 331 5678308
witt at mpimp-golm.mpg.de

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