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Rick Kesseli rick.kesseli at
Fri Jul 9 14:12:00 EST 2004

Post-doctoral fellow in molecular genetics

We are part of a multi-university genomics project focused on species 
in the Sunflower family.  We aim to characterize genes involved in 
the domestication of crops and the evolution of weediness in the 
family.  Work will include DNA sequence analysis, single nucleotide 
polymorphism (SNP) development, comparative genomics, mapping and 
synteny studies using information from Arabidopsis and other taxa, 
expression studies and studies of molecular evolution.  We are 
looking for a post-doctoral fellow who can contribute to these 


Dr. Rick Kesseli
Biology Department
University of Massachusetts
Boston, MA 02125
Email    <mailto:rick.kesseli at>rick.kesseli at
Tel.      617-287-6627
FAX    617-287-6650

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