TGIcl error

Axel Foley ivaylo.hristov at
Tue Jul 13 09:43:45 EST 2004

I am having a problem running TGICL on multiple computers.
And I will really appreciate any help.
So this is the situation :
I have 3 linux machines running Fedora core 1.
One of them I use for server. The others are clusters. On the server I
created folder /tgicl
And I installed the TGICL in it.
I shared this /tgicl folder with nfs, on every of the other two
computers I mounted the folder that is on the server on the same point
in the file system (/tgicl)
I started TGICL (tgicl all_fasta.seq -c nodes), where nodes is the
following file: /tgicl/ /tgicl/

It seems that everything is working just fine in the beginning and on
all computers is started prcess “mgblas” that is producing
files :
all_fasta_1.seq_ at
all_fasta_1.seq_ at
all_fasta_1.seq_ at
all_fasta_1.seq_ at
all_fasta_1.seq_ at

when all the work of “mgblast” is done it seems that there
is a problem with combining the files in the
The error I get from TGICL is “Error: cluster file
'all_fasta_1.seq_clusters' is missing or empty.”
The file is there but is absolutely empty.

Can you help me.

     Ivaylo Hristov

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