AtGenExpress developmental data set

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Fri Jul 16 11:50:51 EST 2004

As described at the recent Arabidopsis meeting in=20
Berlin, a transcriptome reference set for=20
Arabidopsis has been generated by an=20
international consortium, on the basis of the=20
Affymetrix ATH1 platform.

The data files for many samples are already=20
available at NASC=20
( A more=20
limited set is available at TAIR=20
(, where the entire set=20
will eventually appear as well.

The developmental portion of AtGenExpress, which=20
represents 79 samples processed in triplicate,=20
was generated by Jan Lohmann and Markus Schmid at=20
the Max Planck Institute for Developmental=20
Biology in Tuebingen (with funding from the DFG=20
and the Department of Molecular Biology, MPI for=20
Developmental Biology).  To facilitate use of=20
this data set, Jan Lohmann has generated a single=20
data file that contains normalized expression=20
estimates across all samples, based on the gcRMA=20
algorithm.  This tab-delimited file can be loaded=20
directly into analysis software such as=20
GeneSpring (Silicon Genetics).  In addition,=20
individual genes can be analyzed by loading the=20
data into a standard spread sheet program such as=20
Microsoft Excel. 

The file is available at the following address:

We apologize in advance that we are not able to=20
answer individual questions about samples or=20
sample analysis.

We also hope that the AtGenExpress data set will=20
inspire many more contributions of microarray=20
data sets from individual investigators, either=20
to TAIR or NASC.

Detlef Weigel
Jan Lohmann
Markus Schmid

Department of Molecular Biology
Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Spemannstrasse 37-39
D-72076 T=FCbingen

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