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Hi Sadaf

Some labs often used to use an old-fashioned slide projector with an
interference filter - this gives very pure light close to a single
wavelength; but the light is weak and the filters can be expensive (I think
Schott used to make them).

You can get fairly good far-red light by filtering a tungsten bulb with "black
plexiglass" (FRF700, Rhom9 Haas dye #58015, 5mm thick, from Westlake Plastics
in Lenni, PA) . This is OK if you just need a little bit of FR, you can make
a slide-shaped piece of plexiglass and use an old slide projector as the
light source.

If you want high intensity FR light from tungsten bulbs, you will need to also
filter the long wave infrared with water or you will cook your plants, and
this can get dangerous unless the setup is well engineered. If you need to
grow plants in a cabinet you will need to use the fluorescent bulbs from
Interelectric and install the filter below the bulb compartment.

Your biggest problem is going to be measuring the FR. An ordinary light meter
won't detect it, and you need to know what the fluence rate is if you are
going to publish your experiments. I would ask around the department to see
if anyone has a spectroradiometer.

All the best

Matt Hudson

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