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Postdoctoral position in plant proteomics available October 1, 2004 
in the Department of Horticultural Science and Department of 
Biochemistry, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Minimum 
requirements include a Ph.D. in biochemistry, genetics, molecular 
biology or plant physiology, and experience with recombinant DNA 
techniques and protein biochemistry. Expertise in proteomic 
techniques, kinase biochemistry and/or mass spectrometry would be 
particularly relevant, but training in these techniques will be 
provided for a candidate whose basic background is strong. The 
successful applicant will conduct research on membrane proteins 
isolated from Arabidopsis plants grown under a variety of 
physiological conditions to identify a subset of Leucine-Rich Repeat 
Receptor-Like Kinases for detailed analysis of in vivo 
autophosphorylation sites using liquid chromatography-tandem mass 
spectrometry. The functional significance of selected phosphorylation 
sites will be assessed using genetic and biochemical approaches, 
including isotope-coded affinity tagging methods that allow 
quantitative analysis of site-specific phosphorylation levels under 
different biological conditions.

APPLICATION: Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, list of 
publications, and the names and e-mail addresses of three references 

		Dr. Steve Clouse
		Dept. of Horticultural Science
		North Carolina State University
		Raleigh, NC 27695-7609
		Phone: (919) 515-5360
		FAX: (919) 515-2505
		Email: steve_clouse at

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