old messages

Asselt, Bert van Bert.vanAsselt at wur.nl
Thu Mar 11 10:19:09 EST 2004

>In reading the archived newsgroup messages I discovered that the
>archive does not cover all the messages being sent
>since the start of this newsgroup.
>The earliest messages I could find dated from 1991. In am very much 
>interested in messages exchanged right from the start of the 
>newsgroup for a historical case study of the development of 
>Arabidopsis research.
Is there someone, perhaps one of the early adopters of Arabidopsis in 
plant research,  who could provide earlier messages  exchanged  (from 
the time it was called the
>Arabidopsis Network)? Perhaps someone has them archived? Any help is 
>very much appreciated.
>These exchanged messages would be very helpfull as data in my Ph.D
>research covering the development of model systems in plant science
>from a historical and social point of view.
>Bert van Asselt
Social sciences
>Wageningen University, the Netherlands


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