Expression Profiles among tissues

RA Savidge savidge at
Fri Mar 12 14:19:53 EST 2004

Dear Motoaki,
in my view any control should consist solely of the cells of the 
species under investigation.  Our tissue culture research has 
revealed that the only tissues in the plant free of contaminating 
microorganisms are the meristems.  Of those, cambium is the most 
abundant and can be readily obtained, even from the base of the 
inflorescence stem of Arabidopsis.  Pith parenchyma would be my 
second choice; however, only very young pith seems to be free of 
microbes; after the first year bacteria evidently enter through leaf 
scars and become incorporated into it.  hope this is of some help.

At 11:16 PM 11/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>Dear plant researchers,
>We are planning to study the expression profiles in various plant tissues
>using DNA microarray.
>Do you have any suggestions as to which  plant materials (whole plants,
>cultured cells etc.)  would be best as control for this purpose?
>Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated.
>Motoaki Seki

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