Two postdoctoral positions available

K. Palaniappan palaniappank at
Fri Mar 12 14:32:50 EST 2004

NIH-Supported Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Biology/Bioimaging

Dept. of Computer Science
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO 65203

Biology Dept.
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA, 01003

Two postdoctoral positions (and one PhD) position are available to 
join a research project in the quantification of deformable motion in 
biology, with emphasis on cell motility. The positions are supported 
by an NIH-funded collaboration between Tobias I. Baskin (Biology Dept 
at Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst) and K. Palaniappan (CS Dept at 
Univ of Missouri, Columbia). Both positions are for three years 
starting immediately.

One position will be at Columbia, the other at Amherst. Baskin and 
Palaniappan have developed new software for quantifying the spatial 
distribution of velocity within a growing plant organ (a root). The 
software is called RootflowRT and the biological application is 
described by van der Weele et al (2003 Plant Physiology, 
32:1138-1148). The software implements a novel algorithm for 
quantifying deformable motion that combines structure-tensor and 
robust-matching approaches. The current project is to enhance and 
validate RootFlowRT, apply software engineering principles to the 
current code base, extend the robust-tensor approach and explore new 
computational algorithms for deformable motion to other kinds of 
biomedical objects, in particular motile animal cells and embryos.

The Postdoc (and PhD) position at Missouri are primarily 
computational (with bio-imaging lab opportunities available). The 
successful candidate for these positions will have a strong 
background in any area of image processing and computer vision with 
graduate degrees in computer science, engineering or science.

The position at Amherst will involve imaging different kinds of 
biological object as well as modifying the software. The successful 
candidate will have experience with both imaging in biology as well 
as computer programming, preferably in the area of image processing.

Please send CV and names of three references as indicated. Those 
interested in the computational bioimaging position (Missouri) should 
contact Dr. Palaniappan (email: palaniappank at, and can 
find further information from his web page: and the 
multimedia communications lab page: . 
The Univ of Missouri-Columbia is completing a new $60M Life Sciences 
building and there are many opportunities for collaboration with 
several bioimaging experimental groups.

Those interested in the biological computation position (Amherst) 
should contact Dr. Baskin (email: baskin at, and can find 
further information from his web page: and the page for RootflowRT

Dr. K. Palaniappan,  Dept. of Computer Science, 329 Eng. Bldg. West, 
Univ of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211-2060, (573) 884-9266,
Fax: (573) 882-8318,  email: palaniappank at

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