zluo zluo at purdue.edu
Fri Nov 12 14:20:21 EST 2004

Dear Colleagues:
I have a very little but very intriguing question and hope someone there can
help me on this.  I have been analyzing transgenic Arabidopsis expressing
the GUS reporter gene under control of the strong 35S promoter with two
copies of enhancer sequences.  When I perform northern blot analysis using
total RNA isolated with the Trizol reagent, I almost always observe a
major large smear (>4 kb) band in addition to the normal ~2kb band.  I
suspected that it may be caused by unclean RNA but I did not see such
prominent bands on Northern blots for other plant genes so it appears to be
somewhat specific to GUS.  I was wondering whether someone working with the
reporter gene under the strong 35S promoter observe the same thing and, if
so, could give me some advice on what are the possible causes for the
abnormal bands.

Zhenghua Luo
Purdue University

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