announcement from RIKEN BRC

Masatomo Kobayashi kobayasi at
Mon Oct 11 20:04:26 EST 2004

Dear Plant Researchers,

Following resources have been added to our on-line catalogue. Please 
visit our HP if you have interests.

Masatomo Kobayashi

(1) Additional 1,813 RAFL clones have been deposited from RIKEN GSC 
and added to our catalogue. These clones are accompanied with their 
full-length sequence and numbered as pdaxxxxx. Please visit our HP if 
you have an interest.

Please note:
RAFL clones not always have exactly same sequences with those 
corresponding genes annotated by MIPS or TIGR. Before you make your 
order, please carefully examine the clone sequence available from our 

(2) Total 171 of the Arabidopsis transposon-tagged lines are ready 
for distribution. The list of these lines is on our catalogue page. 
Please use our resource number (pstxxxxx) when you make your order.

Dr. Masatomo Kobayashi
Head of Experimental Plant Division,
BioResource Center, RIKEN Tsukuba Institute

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