transgenic lines

jiylee jiylee at
Wed Sep 1 14:05:13 EST 2004

<x-flowed>I would like to ask people in Arabidopsis community to get 
a consensus
idea about transgenic lines. My previous knowledge about transformation
via Agrobacterium to Arabidopsis flower by floral dipping is that gene
transfer to plant cells occurrs to developing ovules so that the
individual seeds collected from a same individual are very likely
independent. Despite the published papers about that the transformation
mechanism to arabidopsis flower I still came upon with the argument
about the validity of treating transformants from a single plants as
separate lines.

If you have done large scale of screening using T-DNA insertion, or
tested the lines by Southern blot or inverse PCR, please give me an
information based on your experience if T1 seeds from a single
individual are independent or not. Thank you.



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