paths to using genetic alteration to help eradicate Alliaria

Phil Johnson pjohnson at
Thu Sep 9 13:49:49 EST 2004

Greetings Everyone:

Here is a question that I have sent to people who are involved with 
eradication of Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard).  Does research on 
Arabidopsis thaliana show any possible paths to using genetic 
alteration to help eradicate garlic mustard? 

Please let me know if there is any enzyme or proteome research 
currently underway on Alliaria petiolata in the U.S. by U.S. 
government laboratories that you are aware of:  I am particularly 
interested in enzyme or protein changes in A. petiolata signaling the 
plant that it has flowered and produced seeds in its second and final 
year of life.

Because A. petiolata is so biologically unique (especially that non- 
mycorrhizal feature combined with that chemical that makes it smell 
like garlic) it may be possible to create a synthetic enzyme that 
specifically targets A. petiolata to force a premature death of the 
plant by making seedlings behave as though they are plants that have 
flowered and fruited, and thus, are in the final phase of the plant's 
two year life.

Senescence in A. petiolata, as in other plants, if physically 
prevented from flowering and fruiting in its second year, will be 
delayed.  It will continue living into a 3rd or 4th year still 
attempting to produce fruits until either it does produce fruit or 
until the plant is destroyed by chemical means or by physically 
uprooting.  This suggests a possible existence of an enzyme that the 
plant either stops or starts producing after flowering and fruiting. 
If its "biennial-ness" were a function of genetics alone, the plant 
should die after its second year regardless of whether or not it 
flowered and produced fruit.

Any suggestions on who may know more about this?  And can anyone 
suggest where I could get information on how our organization could 
form a partnership with a good lab to research and field test this 

I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter,


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