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A postdoctoral position is available for a highly motivated individual
to study the molecular basis of plant responses to bacterial quorum
sensing signals.  Since bacteria often depend on quorum sensing to
infect their hosts, the ability of eukaryotic hosts to detect and
respond to bacterial quorum sensing signals is potentially of broad
consequence and interest.  The model legume Medicago truncatula has
the ability to detect bacterial quorum sensing signals and responds to
them in a truly global manner, affecting many functions and the
accumulation of over 7% of resolvable proteins (Mathesius et al.,
2003, PNAS 100:1444).  The mechanisms involved in this response are
not understood in any eukaryote. The current funded project will use
proteomic, biochemical  and transcriptional analyses to explore the
time course and specificity of plant responses to bacterial quorum
sensing signals and the links to flagellin PAMP responses.  Molecular
genetic, biochemical, and functional genomic techniques will be used
for in depth studies of QS-induced changes in PR10 proteins and an R
gene protein.  The ideal candidate will be an independent, critical
thinker with experience in molecular biology, functional genomics,
biochemistry, or genetics.  Please send an application outlining
research experience and interests along with your C.V., reprints, and
the e-mail addresses of three references to:

Wolfgang D. Bauer

Horticulture and Crop Science

2021 Coffey Rd.

The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH  43210

Phone 614-292-9035

  fax     -7162


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