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Wed Sep 29 04:05:45 EST 2004

Dear colleagues,

Many labs interested in circadian rhythms have been using the FFT NLLS
suite of programs, written by Dr. Martin Straume (Centre for Biomathematical
Technology, University of Virginia) in order to estimate amplitude, period
and phase values from rhythmic data.

We in Andrew Millar's lab have developed a user interface, BRASS, to 
act as a front end to the latest
version of these programs, which we released last year and some of 
you are now using.

BRASS will import data from most of the data
acquisition packages commonly used in plant circadian research, such as
Kujata, Metamorph, Night Owl and Topcount, and also from a generic block of
data. Our program will then automatically run FFT NLLS on this data, and
import the results back into MS Excel. BRASS also contains functions to
perform statistical analysis of results, and to enable the rapid production
of charts and graphs.

We would like to announce the release of version 2. This is the 
result of considerable user feedback and is a significant improvement 
on previous versions, incorporating many new features.

The workbook is downloadable free (with manual and test data but with no
guarantees) by pointing your browser at "BRASS download" on

Our apologies if you receive more than 1 copy of this message from 
different mailing lists

Paul Brown

Dr Paul Brown

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