Flavanoid biosynthesis down after growth induction?

Savidge, Rod A savi at unb.ca
Thu Jan 27 21:07:22 EST 2005

Speculation from first principles the flavanoids arise from the polyketide
(acetylCoA/malonylCoA) pathway that is also vitally important for 
many aspects of
primary metabolism; thus, from an efficiency standpoint there may be 
good reason for
down regulation of the flavonoid pathway.  Another reason may be 
because tannins arising
from the flavanoids are effective at complexing protein.

Quoting "\"horvathd at fargo.ars.usda.gov\"" <horvathd at fargo.ars.usda.gov>:

>  To all the physiologist types out there (or anyone else with a clue): I
>  have recently completed a microarray analysis of release from
>  para-dormancy (apical dominance) in underground adventitious buds of
>  leafy spurge. Although there were only about 1200 genes on the chip, I
>  was able to detect a significant down regulation for a number of genes
>  involved in flavanoid biosynthesis upon growth induction. Does anyone
>  have a clue as to why flavanoids would be detrimental (or negatively
>  responsive) to growth ?  Any thoughts would be welcome.
>  Dave Horvath
>  Fargo, ND 58105
>  ---


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