[Arabidopsis] Small RNA MPSS and repeat data for Arabidopsis now available

Blake Meyers meyers at dbi.udel.edu
Fri Sep 2 13:05:14 EST 2005

Dear all,
We would like to let you know that we have just released a new version of
our Arabidopsis MPSS website that now contains small RNA data, as well as
extensive information about genomic repeats. The URL for this site is
The data that we have now included is described in a paper by Lu et al.
(2005; Science 309:1567-1569), and is the result of sequencing more than 2
million siRNAs and miRNAs from Arabidopsis inflorescence and seedlings using
MPSS. The repeat data is derived from a low-stringency analysis using
RepeatMasker, and the etandem & einverted programs from the EMBOSS software
package. All of these data are displayed using an updated version of our
graphical interface. We have included on the main page several links to
example loci with small RNAs. From these examples, you might start to
explore the information, including small RNA locations (black triangles in
the graphical viewer), small RNA sequences, quantitative information, other
genomic matches, as well as different types of repeats (colored shading in
the viewer).
We invite you to access these data and we hope that you will find them to be
useful. If you are not familiar with our existing Arabidopsis poly(A) MPSS
data, these data may also be helpful for your research, and we refer you to
our publication from last year that describes the original version of the
website (Meyers et al., 2004; Plant Physiol. 135:801-813).
Blake Meyers and Pam Green
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences & Delaware Biotechnology Institute
University of Delaware
15 Innovation Way
Newark, DE 19711
E-mail: meyers at dbi.udel.edu or green at dbi.udel.edu

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