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JESSICA M MCABEE jmmcabee at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 8 15:22:22 EST 2005

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Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 18:02:08 -0500
From: Tanya Falbel <tgfalbel at wisc.edu>
To: JESSICA M MCABEE <jmmcabee at u.washington.edu>
Subject: Re: [Arabidopsis] Traveling with Arabidopsis seedlings

Hi Jessica,

I 've flown with plates once since 2001, and I have Fedexed seedlings on plates
this year internationally (to both England and France), and had no trouble
at all. So that may be  an option, for your seeds on plates to travel on a 
flight instead. You just need to say that they aren't vegetable crops on the 
I flew with plates in November of 2002 from Madison to Denver with no trouble -
I had them in a styrofoam carry-on cooler. Only because it was winter, to 
protect them.

Since they won't show up on an x-ray, I imagine you could just put them in
carry-on luggage.  Are you flying  internationally? Any trouble may only
depend on your destination...

Tanya Falbel
(of the stomata lunch in Madison)

> I would like to take seedlings on MS plates with me on a flight.  Has 
> anybody
> done this, especially since security has become tighter?  Any tips or
> precautions I can take to ensure that I will be able to take my plates on 
> the
> airplane?
> Please post to board or respond directly (jmmcabee at u.washington.edu).
> Thank you for any ideas.
> -Jessie McAbee
> Jessica Messmer McAbee, Ph.D.
> University of Washington
> Department of Biology
> Box 355325
> Seattle, WA 98195-5325

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