[Arabidopsis] Modelling the Circadian Clock

Paul Brown pbrown at staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Fri Sep 23 08:35:32 EST 2005

Dear All

We wish to announce the release of the latest version of Circadian Modelling,
our software package for running published mathematical models of the circadian

The aim of our software is to tackle the difficulties involved in modifying and
repeating published simulations to suit a particular research interest. It is
aimed primarily at experimental biologists who wish to use modelling to rapidly
simulate their own chosen phenotypes and experimental protocols. The user can
specify model parameters, which are presented in a biologically relevant way,
including the specification of complex environmental cycles, and the automated
generation of mutant phenotypes. Virtually any experimental protocol can be
implemented with just a few clicks of the mouse. Results are presented in the
form of a Microsoft Excel workbook.

This release includes our recent model of the arabidopsis clock J. C. W. Locke,
M. M. Southern, L. Kozma-Bognar, V. Hibberd, P. E. Brown, M. S. Turner, A. J.
Millar (2005b). Extension of a genetic network model by iterative
experimentation and mathematical analysis. Molecular Systems Biology doi:

To download Circadian Modelling, free of charge, go to our website
(http://www.amillar.org), and follow the 'Software' link.

best wishes

Paul Brown and Andrew Millar

Dr Paul Brown

Software Engineer

School of Biological Sciences
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Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick

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