[Arabidopsis] Postdoctoral opportunity: metabolic networking

Eve Wurtele mash at iastate.edu
Thu Sep 29 12:24:41 EST 2005

A postdoctoral position is available in an NSF-funded Arabidopsis 
2010 project to develop MetNet, an open source integrated software 
platform for visualization and analysis of experimental data and 
metabolic networks in the context of Arabidopsis systems biology 

The candidate should have a background in biochemistry and/or/signal 
transduction.  She/he will interact with computer scientists and 
plant biologists to expand the Arabidopsis database of regulatory and 
metabolic interactions.  Excellent communication skills a must. 
Previous computational experience is helpful, but not required.

Please email CV and three letters of reference. 
Address questions to Eve Wurtele (mash at iastate.edu).

Eve Syrkin Wurtele
Dept. Genetics, Development,& Cell Biology
Iowa State University
441 Bessey Hall				or: VRAC, 2624D Howe Hall
Iowa State University			     	515-294-2023
Ames, IA 50011 USA
515 294-8989
515 294-1337 (FAX)
mash at iastate.edu

MetNet: Arabidopsis bioinformatic platform

"The sought for bearer of the inheritance is contained in the 
substance of the chromosomes." August Weismann " The Evolutionary 
Theory" London. 1904.

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