[Arabidopsis] Post-doctoral positions available

Mary Beth Mudgett mudgett at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 10 18:55:16 EST 2006

Post-doctoral Positions Available
Stanford University
Biochemical and genetic analysis of bacterial-plant interactions.

The Mudgett laboratory investigates how bacterial pathogens employ 
proteins secreted by the type III secretion system (TTSS) to 
manipulate eukaryotic signaling to promote disease. We study TTSS 
effectors in the plant pathogen Xanthomonas campestris pathovar 
vesicatoria (Xcv), the causal agent of bacterial spot disease of 
pepper and tomato.

1) Dissection of Xcv AvrBsT-dependent resistance in Arabidopsis.  The 
goal of this project is to elucidate the function of the Xcv AvrBsT 
protease in the activation of BST-dependent defense responses in 
Arabidopsis.  BST is a recessive gene in the Pi-0 ecotype that 
encodes a mutant lipid hydrolase.  Biochemical and genetic screens 
will be performed to identify specific AvrBsT and BST substrates to 
determine how AvrBsT-BST interactions regulate defense responses.

2) Characterization of a suppressor of BST disease resistance in 
Arabidopsis.  The goal of this project is to clone and characterize a 
recessive gene in the Col-0 ecotype that suppresses BST defense 

Applicants for position 1 must have demonstrated expertise in protein 
biochemistry and plant molecular biology.  Applicants for position 2 
must have demonstrated expertise in plant molecular biology, 
genetics, and positional cloning.  In addition, applicants must have 
a strong publication record and less than 3 years of post-doctoral 

Application materials should be sent to Gina Kaplan 
(gkaplan at stanford.edu).  Please include a cover letter describing 
research interests and goals, and a CV containing the names and 
contact information for three references. 

Mary Beth Mudgett, PhD		650-723-3252 office
Assistant Professor			650-723-3500 lab
Department of Biological Sciences	mudgett at stanford.edu
Stanford University
228A Gilbert Bioscience		Administrative Assistant:
371 Serra Mall			Gina Kaplan
Stanford, CA 94305-5020		gkaplan at stanford.edu


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