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Postdoctoral Position in Strawberry Bioengineering


Our laboratory seeks an accomplished postdoctoral scientist to drive a
project critical to Florida agriculture. Due to the phase out of methyl
bromide strawberry growers and researchers seek alternative strategies
to address pest and weed problems. We have obtained support for a
postdoctoral researcher to engage in a USDA-funded, two year appointment
(renewable to three with progress) to assist in the development of a
molecular-genetic remedy to meet the inevitable threat posed by the
sting nematode. The strategy tests if transgenic expression of nematode
antifeedants may limit their colonization and survivorship.  Many
candidate genes have been cloned toward these activities and our
high-throughput transformation line (Folta et al., Planta, in press)
will allow rapid tests of efficacy in greenhouse and field studies. Some
transgenic lines will be tested in the 2006-2007 season. 


A qualified candidate will possess a strong classical background in
plant molecular biology. Command of molecular cloning techniques as well
as Southern, northern and western blotting is essential.  Tissue culture
experience is a plus. The position is available October 1, 2006. 


Please send a current CV to Kevin Folta, Assistant Professor,
Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida, Gainesville,
FL 32611 or by email to kfolta 'at' ifas.ufl.edu.  


Also check our website at www.arabidopsisthaliana.com
<http://www.arabidopsisthaliana.com/> .



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