[Arabidopsis] Community-led workshops at Annual Arabidopsis meeting

Joanna Friesner jdfriesner at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 23 21:04:37 EST 2006

Dear Arabidopsis researchers,


There are 1-3 slots available for community-initiated workshops at this
year's Annual International Conference on Arabidopsis Research that will be
held in Madison, WI, June 28th-July 2nd. If you are attending the conference
and would like to propose *and* organize a workshop for the meeting, please
contact me (Joanna Friesner, jdfriesner at stanford.edu) as soon as possible,
and by June 1st at the latest. There is a better chance of getting the
workshop titles into the abstract book if you contact me sooner rather than
later (if the workshops don't get to the printer in time, we will make
flyers available at the conference.) Also, proposals will be chosen on a
first contacted, first chosen basis. Currently, slots for workshops include
Wednesday, June 28th (first day of the conference, 4-5:30 pm), Thursday,
June 29th (7:30-9 pm), Friday, June 30th (7:30-9 pm), and Saturday, July 1st
(8:15-9:30).  I will do my best to accommodate time requests but the
workshops that are already planned will take priority.


Examples of past community-initiated workshops include "Molecular Analysis
of the Circadian Clock Mechanism", "Proteolytic Enzymes and Their Role in
Plant Biology", and "Proteomics in Arabidopsis."  Such workshops can be
based on oral presentations by researchers in the area of interest, or can
be demonstration-based and/or hands-on (such as TAIR workshops).  If you
contact me with your proposal, I will be able to give information on
registered conference attendees that you can contact to find potential


Contact me for further information.

Best regards,

Joanna Friesner

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