[Arabidopsis] Post-Doc Position Available

Kimberly Gallegher gallagkl at sas.upenn.edu
Fri Aug 4 10:04:00 EST 2006

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A post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Kimberly 
Gallagher in the Department of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Cell-to-cell communication is essential to coordinate developmental 
events in both animals and plants. In plants, cell-to-cell signaling is 
possible through direct transport of transcription factors between 
cells. Recently direct trafficking of macromolecules has also been 
described between animal cells by Rustom et al. (Science (2004), 
303;1007-1010 ). Likewise, plant transcription factor movement between 
animal cells in culture has been demonstrated (Tassetto, et al. Embo 
Rep. (2005), 6, 9, 885-890), suggesting conserved mechanisms for 
cell-to-cell transport.

This position is to study the mechanisms by which transcription factors 
move between cells in the Arabidopsis root. Of particular interest are 
the mechanisms that regulate SHORT-ROOT (SHR) transport. Movement of SHR 
has been shown to be actively regulated and developmentally relevant. 
Further, five additional transcription factors from distinct families 
have also been shown to traffic between cells in the root. The qualified 
candidate would characterize movement of these transcription factors and 
determine their role in root development. Individuals with experience in 
molecular biology and confocal microscopy are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply please send current CV, and contact information and three 
references via email to gallagkl at sas.upenn.edu or for more information 
please call (215)746-3605.

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