[Arabidopsis] Belostotsky lab - multiple Ph.D. student, postdoctoral and tech positions

Dmitry Belostotsky dab at albany.edu
Thu Aug 10 12:05:35 EST 2006

Multiple Ph.D. student, postdoctoral and tech positions


Multiple Ph.D. student fellowships and postdoctoral and tech positions 
are available in the research groups of Dr. Dmitry Belostotsky and Dr. 
Julia Chekanova at the University of Missouri (Kansas City).

Successful applicants will work in a research team studying:

1) posttranscriptional control of gene expression in Arabidopsis
2) mRNA processing and control of mRNA release from the site of 
transcription in yeast

SEE:    our selected recent publications for further information:

EMBO J in press 2006
Nature in full review July 2006
Trends in Plant Science 10: 347-353, 2005
Molecular Cell 16:498-500, 2004
RNA 10:1200-1214, 2004
Genetics 163:311-319, 2003
RNA 9:1476-1490, 2003
Current Biology 11:1207-1214, 2001

AND/OR:               have a look at our current webpage 
AND/OR:              send email application to dab at albany.edu (CV, 
research statement, 3 references)

WHEN:     These positions are open from February 2007

Successful candidates will have an appropriate degree and solid 
background in molecular biology and/or genetics, biochemistry, cell 
biology, and/or plant development, evidenced by a strong publication 
record in international journals (for postdoctoral applicants). 
Experience in RNA biology and/or bioinformatics is a plus.

Kansas City is a major cosmopolitan center featuring dynamic cultural 
environment, vibrant music scene, and exciting opportunities for 
year-round recreational activities. It has been dubbed "Paris of the 
plains" (see 
www.cnn.com/2006/TRAVEL/DESTINATIONS/06/08/kansas.city/index.html) and 
ranked within top 6 places to live in United States. UMKC School of 
Biological Sciences is located next to the Stowers Institute, offering 
ample opportunities for collaborations.

Graduate students enter through a UMKC graduate program admission 
process which is described in detail in the Graduate Student Handbook 
that can be downloaded as a pdf file from the 
sbs.umkc.edu/programs/graduate/resources.html website.    
Financial support:     All Ph.D. candidates in UMKC graduate programs 
are provided financial support. Assistantships for doctoral students 
provide a yearly stipend of $22,000 -- plus tuition remissions and fee 
waivers, for a total financial equivalent of approximately $34,000.


Dmitry A. Belostotsky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

In 2007:   School of Biological Sciences
                University of Missouri - Kansas City
                Kansas City MO 64110

Department of Biological Sciences

State University of New York at Albany

1400 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12222

Phone and FAX    (518) 442 4368

E-mail                    dab at albany.edu

Homepage            http://www.albany.edu/faculty/dab/

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