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>guo shukui writes:
>Does any one know the difference between the plasmid
>that used to express protein in E coli and that used
>for Agrobacterium to transformate plants?

In answer to your direct question - certainly many of us know this. 
But I am guessing that you want more detail. There can be an infinite 
number of differences, but these are the components required for the 
two different types of vectors:

E. coli expression vector must have - E. coli origin of replication, 
E. coli selectable marker, Gene for expression must have E. coli 
promoter:E. coli Ribosome Binding Site: Open reading frame for 
protein to be expressed:E. coli transcription terminator

Plant transformation vector must have - Broad range origin of 
replication that works in Agro, Agro selectable marker, T-DNA border, 
plant selectable marker, [if you want a gene expressed in the plant] 
plant promoter, coding region (that can contain introns), poly 
Adenylation site, another T-DNA border (or the same one as before can 
suffice to transfer the whole plasmid).

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