[Arabidopsis] Opportunity for working at RIKEN Plant Science Center

Yuji Kamiya ykamiya at postman.riken.jp
Mon Feb 6 05:55:05 EST 2006

Dear Arabidopsis researchers

RIKEN Plant Science Center
Research Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow in the Growth Regulation 
Research Team

Opportunity for Research at RIKEN Plant Science Center in Japan

This team will develop a comprehensive, high-throughput hormone 
analysis system to study localization and transport of  plant 
hormones. Candidates for one research associate and one postdoctoral 
fellow are searched. The successful candidate for both positions will 
hold a PhD degree (obtained within the past three years for the 
research associate), have research experience in plant biology, and 
be familiar with plant hormone biochemistry and analysis. We seek 
highly motivated scientists in conducting interdisciplinary research 
on plant hormones in cooperation with other lab members.

Research theme:

*	Development of a new comprehensive plant hormone analysis 
system using GC-MS and LC-MS.
*	Study on localization and transport of plant hormones in plants.
*	Isoprenoid biosynthesis in plants (especially in plastids) 
using labeled intermediates of MEP and MVA pathways.

Besides Research Associates who directly belong to the team and are 
to be engaged in specific projects above, independently proposed 
themes related to our theme will be also considered. It is 
recommended that candidates apply for JSPS (for foreigners 
http://www.jsps.go.jp/english/index.html or Japanese
http://www.jsps.go.jp/j-pd/main.htm) or RIKEN Special Postdoctoral 
Researcher (SPR; for Japanese only 

For informal inquires, please contact

Yuji Kamiya (ykamiya at postman.riken.jp)


Application dead line: As soon as good candidate is available.
Start of working: 1 April, or later.

Dr. Yuji Kamiya
Director of Growth Regulation Research Group
Plant Science Center, RIKEN
Suehirocho 1-7-22, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Tel +81-45-503-9661
Fax +81-45-503-9662
E-mail: ykamiya at postman.riken.jp

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