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Wed Feb 8 11:44:26 EST 2006

Dear Curator,

I thought I had already sent the following ad yesterday, but this may not 
have happend. Therefore, if you had already received it once, may I ask you 
to ignore this one. Otherwise, may I ask you to post it.

With best wishes,

Yka Helariutta
1 Postdoctoral Research Associate

invited to join the European Young Investigator Program (EURYI by ESF);
Wood Development Group
University of Helsinki

We are investigating the molecular basis of vascular development in 
Arabidopsis root using genetics and functional genomics as approaches. We 
have established the role for cytokinins in controlling vascular 
morphogenesis (Mähönen et al. Genes Dev 14: 2938; Mähönen et al. Science 
311: 94) and shown that  ALTERED PHLOEM DEVELOPMENT (APL) locus is required 
for proper vascular tissue identity and codes for a transcription factor 
(Bonke, Thitamadee et al. Nature 426: 181). In addition, we have recently 
carried out genetic screens resulting in identification of several new 
informative mutants affecting procambial development and provascular stem 
cell maintenance. To complement forward genetics, we have also initiated a 
microarray based reverse genetics approach to analyze candidate genes from 
our vascular cell-type-specific transcriptome dataset (see our www page). 
	Consequently, we want to investigate whether the molecular 
components identified in Arabidopsis likewise regulate development of the 
vascular cambium of a tree. As a support for this hypothesis, we have 
recently identified that cytokinin signaling components are active in the 
cambial zone of a Populus tree. 
         We are looking for an enthusiastic scientist to join our team to 
characterize new factors of phloem development in Arabidopsis. We have 
recently identified several informative mutants and genes through forward 
genetics and functional genomics. The position will be filled for a minimum 
of two years at the earliest from 1st of May 2006 and at the latest 1st of 
October 2006. The salary is around 2500 Euros/month depending on 
qualifications and previous experience. Applications are considered from 
now on until a suitable candidate is found.

To apply, please contact me either by email, mail or phone:
Dr. Ykä Helariutta, Plant Molecular Biology Lab, Institute of 
Biotechnology, POB 56 FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
More information from www.biocenter.helsinki.fi/bi/plant/helariutta/, 
by email (yhelariu at operoni.helsinki.fi). 

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