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John C. Watson jcwatso at iupui.edu
Thu Feb 9 15:59:17 EST 2006


Laboratory of John C. Watson
Dept. of Biology, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, 
Indianapolis, IN

A postdoctoral position is available immediately to study how root 
waving in Arabidopsis is regulated by two protein kinases called WAG1 
and WAG2. Experiments with knockout mutants in the WAG1 and WAG2 
genes showed that neither single mutant exhibits a discernable 
phenotype in most analyses. However, wag1/wag2 double mutants exhibit 
a pronounced phenotype in seedlings grown on vertical agar plates: 
the roots have a wavy pattern observed in wild type only on plates 
inclined at pitches less than 90 degrees. The wag1 and wag2 single 
mutants exhibit less pronounced root waving on vertical plates. To 
elucidate the roles of WAG1 and WAG2 as negative regulators of root 
waving, we aim to: (1) Ask whether the altering expression or kinase 
activity of WAG1 and WAG2 affects the root waving response in 
transgenic Arabidopsis seedlings; and (2) Explore the underlying 
mechanisms for the wavy root phenotype in wag1/wag2 mutants, 
particularly with regard to gravitropism and the transport of and 
response to auxin. A strong background in the molecular biology, 
genetics, and physiology of Arabidopsis is necessary.

For more information see: Santner, A.A. and Watson J.C. (2006) The 
WAG1 and WAG2 protein kinases from Arabidopsis negatively regulate 
root waving in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 45 (5): 752-764.

To apply, please e-mail or mail a letter outlining your research 
interests, background, and accomplishments; CV; and arrange for 3 
recommendation letters to be sent directly to: John C. Watson, 
Department of Biology, Indiana University-Purdue University 
Indianapolis, 723 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132. 
Phone (317) 278-1366; Fax (317) 274-2846.
E-mail: jcwatso at iupui.edu

John C. Watson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
723 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317-278-1366
Fax: 317-274-2846

jcwatso at iupui.edu

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