[Arabidopsis] question on promoter construct

Y-Q Jiang jiangyqcn at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 24 14:32:37 EST 2006

Hi, researchers,

I plan to use PCR to amplify a promoter(~800bp) from Arabidopsis genomic DNA 
and then construct it into pCAMBIA1303 replacing the CaMV35S promoter. I 
want to know should I amplify the promoter upstream the ATG start codon or 
can I amplify it upstream the transcription initiation site? The 5'UTR is 80 
bp long for my gene. We already have a construct with promoter containing no 
5'UTR region and so the ATG codon within NcoI site is immediatley downstream 
the promoter. If this construct is transformed into Arabidopsis, can it be 
correctly transcribed and downstream reporter gene translated?

Any idea on promoter amplification is apprecaited!



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