[Arabidopsis] Ordering Arabidopsis seeds at the Arabidopsis thaliana Resource Centre for Genomics

Matthieu SIMON msimon at versailles.inra.fr
Tue Jul 11 07:14:33 EST 2006

Dear Arabidopsis researchers,

The Arabidopsis thaliana Resource Centre for 
based at Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, INRA 
Versailles (FRANCE) creates and manages material 
and analytical tools, which are available to the 
scientific community, in order to contribute to 
knowledge in the field of plant genomics.
As of January 2006, we already suppress the MTA 
which was sent until now and we will be charging 
a per order fee on a per stock basis. A 
processing fee is added to each order, in order 
to conform to the active rule at the NASC and 
ABRC. Notwithstanding this new fee, all 2005 « 
frequent users » registrations remain valid until 
their subscription expires.

Thank you for your attention,


Matthieu Simon
Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin
Station de Génétique et d'Amélioration des Plantes
I.N.R.A route de St Cyr
78026 Versailles Cedex - France

Tel: 33 (0)1 30 83 30 15
Fax: 33 (0)1 30 83 33 19

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