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Gerhard Leubner gerhard.leubner at biologie.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Jul 25 01:40:15 EST 2006

Dear Sen

I got your email recently. Our website is frequently used as teaching  
resource for seed biology. Please have a look at it and decide if you  
want to include it as a link. I am in favor of any educational use  
and help in teaching.

Best wishes,


PD Dr. Gerhard Leubner
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Dear plant science teachers and researchers:

We are putting together a web-site containing on-line resources for
plant science education at www.knowplants.org
<http://www.knowplants.org/>  which can be used by educators, students
and general public interested in plant science. Please pay a visit and
send your suggestions. As mentioned in the website, you are most welcome
to submit any additional links for inclusion.

Thanks for your time,




Senthil Subramanian, Ph.D

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center,

975 N Warson Road,

St Louis, MO, 63132

Phone: 314-587-1449

Fax  : 314-587-1549

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