[Arabidopsis] post-doctoral position # Zn tolerance QTL in A. thaliana

Odile Richard Odile.Richard at ensam.inra.fr
Tue Jun 27 05:34:23 EST 2006

A 24 month post-doctoral position is open for recruitment within the =20
group =AB Plant adaptation to metals =BB at the Institute of Integrative =
Plant Biology (Montpellier ; France http://www.bpmp.cnrs.fr/Groupes/=20

"Genetic and physiological characterisations of a QTL governing zinc =20
tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana"

Because of their intrinsic immobility, plants evolved to cope with =20
adverse environments such as metal contaminated soils. For example, =20
some plants such as Arabidopsis halleri are naturally hyper-tolerants =20=

to zinc and grow on contaminated areas. Despite its sensitivity to =20
metals, the closed specie A. thaliana, presents significant intra-=20
specific variation for Zn tolerance among different accessions.
In this context, a genetic approach in A. thaliana was initiated in =20
order to identify molecular determinants involved in zinc tolerance. =20
A QTL analysis undertook with the Bay-0 x Shah RIL population =20
revealed that only two locus are involved in the in vitro response of =20=

the primary root length to excess zinc. The locus with the major =20
effect (LOD score of 8; R2 of 20%) spans a region of 10 cM in which =20
different candidate genes are identified. The effect of that locus is =20=

confirmed in heterogeneous inbred families.
The applicant will be involved in the fine mapping of that QTL and in =20=

its physiological characterization using already available near =20
isogenic lines. This work will be performed in collaboration with O. =20
Loudet from INRA Versailles.

Solid backgroung in molecular biology and experience in quantitative =20
genetics are required. Previous experience with plants is not a =20

Applicants must apply following guidelines detailed on the INRA =20
website (http://www.international.inra.fr/join_us/positions/=20
post_doctoral_positions/post_doctoral_research_positions) and send =20
the application forms to both the INRA =93Plant Biology=94 research =20
department (bv at ensam.inra.fr) and to Odile Richard =20
(Odile.Richard at ensam.inra.fr).


Odile Richard
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