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Graduate Fellowships in Molecular Plant Biology

	The Program in Molecular Plant Biology (PMPB) at Colorado 
State University is offering graduate fellowships to highly motivated 
Ph. D. applicants interested in Molecular Plant Biology.   The PMPB 
is an interdepartmental program with over twenty faculty members from 
four departments in two different colleges (College of Agricultural 
Science and College of Natural Sciences).  Researchers in the PMPB 
investigate fundamental and applied questions in plant biology using 
molecular approaches.  Together, they have the expertise and a strong 
reputation in all areas of molecular plant biology. The participating 
faculty members are highly interactive and have research programs 
funded by various federal, state and international agencies. The 
questions asked cover the entire field of experimental plant biology 
including developmental biology, plant pathology, stress physiology, 
rhizosphere biology, phytoremediation, photosynthesis, transport and 
evolution. In addition to fundamental research, several research 
groups are engaged in research that may lead to the development of 
plants with useful new traits in crop plants. The PMPB offers 
research and training opportunities in all areas of molecular plant 
biology including genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular 
sytematics, synthetic biology, and molecular and whole plant 
physiology.  Genomic, proteomic and metabolomic approaches are 
integrated in these research programs.  Colorado State University is 
located at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in the town of 
Fort Collins, which enjoys one of the best climates in the USA and is 
a perennial in the top 10 best places to live.  Geographically and 
scientifically PMPB is in the perfect environment for exciting 
research in plant biology.

	All students in the program are required to rotate through 
three laboratories prior to choosing a home lab. At the end of the 
first year, students select their advisors from any of four 
departments in two colleges. During the first year, students in the 
program are offered a research assistantship, tuition and other 
benefits. To provide teaching experience, a number of teaching 
assistantships are offered through different departments.  Students 
in the PMPB will benefit from the highly active and interactive group 
of plant faculty and the state-of-the art facilities to conduct 
cutting-edge science in molecular plant biology.  To learn more about 
the PMPB program at Colorado State University or apply to this 
program please visit our web site 

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