[Arabidopsis] Re: mCherry RFP in plants

John Runions jrunions at brookes.ac.uk
Fri Mar 10 13:15:18 EST 2006

Dear Zhi-Liang,

We routinely use mRFP in co-localization studies with GFP in Nicotiana 
leaves.  What Zeiss confocal do you have? We use LSM 510's to excite the 
red fluorescent proteins. Neither mRFP or mCherry (excitation 587 / 
emission610) are optimally excited by the 543nm laser but they do work.  
You would be better off using the 561nm laser (which I think is the 
closest one to 587 that Zeiss supply... could be wrong).  Ultimately, I 
don't think you can predict how bright the RFPs will be in your system 
without trying them.

Good luck, John.

Zhi-Liang Zheng wrote:

>I am wondering who has the experience of using the mCherry version of
>Red Fluorescent Proteins in protein tagging in Arabidopsis. Our young
>lab is planning to do a protein-protein colocalization study, but the
>tech support staff in Zeiss told me that our confocal microscope system
>works well only with green and red channels. If you would be wiling to
>share your mCherry or any other Red fusion system with us, I will
>greatly appreciate.
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