[Arabidopsis] How many complete plant genome sequences are there?

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The 480 mb genome sequence of poplar (Populus trichocarpa) can be viewed and
is briefly described at:
This was a collaborative project, with most of the data generated by the US
DOE (JGI/ORNL), University of British Columbia/Vancouver Genome Sciences
Centre, Umea (Sweden) Plant Science Center, and University of Gent
Bioinformatics & Evolutionary Genomics group. Others were involved in gene
annotation, EST sequencing, etc.

This is currently the only completed plant sequence in addition to
Arabidopsis and rice.

A manuscript describing the poplar sequence and its analysis is in
preparation, but this will probably be too late for your paper. You might
want to check out a recent paper on Populus ESTs (Sterck et al. 2005. New
Phytol. 167:165-70) from which inferences on poplar genome evolution are

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> Subject: [Arabidopsis] How many complete plant genome sequences are there?
> Hi,
> I am trying to do research for a paper I need to write on what whole
> genome sequencing tells us about the evolution of plant genomes. The
> only problem is that I only know of two whole genome sequences -
> arabidopsis and oryza. Someone in my class was telling me that there
> are others, but I can't seem to find any!
> Can anyone tell me if there are any other whole genome sequences for
> plants?
> Many thanks!
> Rob
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