[Arabidopsis] BASTA concentration of JatY clones

Maryke maryke at science.uct.ac.za
Wed Mar 29 01:22:10 EST 2006

I have recently transformed my plants with JatY library clones (obtained
from GetCID) which were constructed using the pYLTAC17 vector, allowing
for the selection of transformed plants by BASTA resistance. 

Ideally I would like to select for my transformants on soil by spraying
them with BASTA.  However, I am struggling to optimize the BASTA
concentration required for selection.  Could anyone who has had success
with these clones please tell me what concentration of BASTA/glufosinate
ammonium (or phosphinothricin for selection on plates) to use?

Secondly, if someone has plants successfully transformed with any of the
JatY clones that I could use as a control in my selection process, I
would be most grateful if you are willing to send some seed to me. 
Please see the postal address below.

Maryke Carstens
Maryke Carstens
Dr Katherine Denby's lab, room 430
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
South Africa
Tel: +27-21-650 4006
Fax: +27-21-689 7573

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