[Arabidopsis] Three Ph.D. student positions available

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Wed Mar 29 04:10:43 EST 2006

Three Ph.D. student positions available
Institute for Molecular Biology and Physiology,
University of Copenhagen

A Ph.D. stipend, co-financed via an EU FP7 consortium (www.transdeath.org), is
available for research on programmed cell death in the plant model Arabidopsis.
The research focuses on the characterization of suppressors of cell death in
the acd11 mutant (Brodersen et al. 2002 Genes & Develop. 16, 490). Applicants
with documented experience in Arabidopsis molecular genetics and protein
expression and interaction assays will be preferred.
The other stipend, co-financed by BIOMOL International L.P., is available for
research on the ubiquitin/proteasome system. The research will focus on 26S
proteasome subunit dynamics in mammalian cells, i.e. the dissociation and
re-association of some subunits which may be obligatory steps in a reaction
cycle. The aim is to identify proteasome sub-complexes and investigate
functional aspects of the subunit cycle. For further information contact
KBHendil at aki.ku.dk
A third Ph.D. stipend, co-financed by ARESA Biodetection AS (www.aresa.dk), is
available for research on biodetection by plants of explosives and pollutants.
Applicants with documented experience in Arabidopsis molecular genetics and
reporter gene expression will be preferred.
Applications must contain a curriculum vita with documentation for academic
degrees and a printout of the course marks for the Bachelor and Masters degree.
In addition, a list of publications and copies of relevant publications or
recommendations. The application form of the Science Faculty of the University
of Copenhagen has to be used:  
The terms of employment are stated in the agreement between The Danish
Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance. The
Ph.D. programme is to be completed in accordance with the Ministerial Order on
the PhD Course of Study and on the PhD Degree of the Ministry of Science,
Technology and Innovation, and the regulations and guidelines defined by the
respective universities.
An assessment committee in accordance with the Ministerial Order Regarding
Appointments will assess the quality of the application. The committee will
judge the quality of the project as well as the qualifications of the
applicant. On the basis of the recommendations of this committee the board of
the graduate school will make a decision for allocating the scholarships.

The application should be sent in 3 copies marked; Ph.d.- position Cell Death, 
Proteasome, or Biodetection, respectively.
Institute of Molecular Biology and Physiology
Øster Farimagsgade 2A,
DK-1353 Copenhagen.

Deadline for applications including all materials is April 18, 2006, 12.00 am.

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