[Arabidopsis] Root Analysis Software

Christian.Hardtke at unil.ch Christian.Hardtke at unil.ch
Fri Mar 31 01:57:46 EST 2006

Dear Paul,

We use WinRhizo routinely, and it works well. You can basically use  
any good contrast image for analysis, i.e. scans you already had  
before. Nevertheless, I would recommend to buy the software together  
with the scanner and positioning system they suggest. We usually  
measure primary root length, total root system size or branching  
angles, and according to my students this works well. Only problem so  
far: if your scans are too close up and focussed you sometimes have  
root hairs showing up sharply, which gets them included in the  
analysis. However, this problem practically never occurs when looking  
at the overall root system.



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