[Arabidopsis] VOTE for your NAASC nominees

Joanna Friesner jdfriesner at stanford.edu
Thu May 4 17:56:49 EST 2006



Dear North American Arabidopsis Researchers,


*Thirteen* individuals were nominated and have agreed to stand for election
to the North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC). *Two* people
from this list will be elected and will join continuing members Philip
Benfey, Rob McClung, Judith Bender, Xing-Wang Deng, Xue Mei Chen, and Joe
Kieber.  Greg Copenhaver and Brenda Winkel will be rotating off NAASC
following the election.  For more NAASC details, see


All North American Arabidopsis researchers are asked to vote for *UP TO TWO*
of the candidates in the list below (and please send in your vote(s) only
once.)  To vote, please DO NOT reply to this message.  Instead, send an
e-mail to naasc_nominations at acoma.stanford.edu with the phrase "NAASC Vote"
somewhere in the Subject line.  Votes will be accepted through *May 19th*
and will be kept confidential. The two candidates obtaining the most votes
will become the new members of the NAASC, and results will be posted to the
Arab-gen listserve soon after voting ends.


Please send your votes to naasc_nominations at acoma.stanford.edu as soon as
you can!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the MASC Coordinator (Joanna
Friesner: jdfriesner at stanford.edu).


And the nominees are (in alphabetical order by last name).


Sabastian Bednarek, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Janet Braam, Rice University

Judy Callis, University of CA, Davis

Caren Chang, University of Maryland

Erin Connolly, University of South Carolina

Kendal Hirschi, Baylor College of Medicine

Mark Johnson, Brown University

Chentao Lin, University of CA, Los Angelas

Blake Meyers, University of Delaware

ASN Reddy, Colorado State University

Steve Rothstein, University of Guelph, Canada

Eric Schaller, Dartmouth College

Julian Schroeder, University of CA, San Diego



Thank you, 


(Greg Copenhaver, Brenda Winkel, Philip Benfey, Rob McClung, Judith Bender,
Xing Wang Deng, Xue Mei Chen, and Joe Kieber)



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