[Arabidopsis] Re: Re: PS: Candidates should be 30 years old maximum

Charles S. Gasser csgasser at ucdavis.edu
Fri May 19 15:58:04 EST 2006

Edwin J. Reidel ejr24 at cornell.edu wrote:

>Just curious, does arab-gen take a stand on age discrimination?  It seems
>to me that distributing job announcements like this only facilitates
>institutionalized discrimination.

To clarify for all:

The purpose of Arab-gen moderation is not to take a stand on 
anything.  The the sole function of moderation is to prevent 
subscribers and the archives from receiving: commercial messages, 
information not pertinent to Arabidopsis researchers, and other 
clutter.  In general, if the content appears of remote interest to 
the community it is passed on.  The only partial exception to this is 
that we do not post messages that are from individuals looking for 
jobs, only new position openings, which are posted without prejudice.

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