[Arabidopsis] The annotated repeats in Arabidopsis

XUEHUI LI xli at cise.ufl.edu
Thu May 25 16:24:56 EST 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you tell me where to find the annotated repeats in Arabidopsis?
I want to know which regions of the genome are repeats. For example,
all letters from the first letter to the 200th letters in the second
chromosome consist of a repeat.
If I can have the masked versions of the chrosomes, I can get the
locations by myself.

Do you know who created files at the following link?
In tigrxml.dtd file at the above link, there is an element called
REPEAT_LIST, but in the actual xml files, there is no such an entry.
How come?

Thank you very much and hope to get your help ASAP,


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