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It wouldn't be certain until you sequenced the region where the insert
lays, but it may be that your insert has disrupted a part of the gene
promoter that controls expression (keeping it low), allowing the gene
to be expressed at a higher level in mutants. If this is the case then
you could carry out some interesting experiments to characterise the
promoter region, which would be a valuable set of information.

Eifion Lewis

chida wrote:
> Dear all,
>       am working on screening T-DNA insertion mutants on Arabidopsis. Currently am screening some mutants for mRNA expression using real time pcr and Reverse transcriptase pcr as well. Surprisingly am getting very good expression of respective mRNAs in mutants when compared to wild type plants. I have taken care to keep equal amount of first srand RNA template which is evident since I used actin gene amplification as control. Please suggest me what may be the reason to get good expression in mutants but not in wild type.... and what are all the things I have to take care!!!! I appreciate your time.
> thanking you.
> sincerely
> chida
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