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Ethics in Biosciences 10 week online course, 14th May - 20th July 2007

Ethics in Biosciences, a new ten week online course, has been designed to 
help students reflect on and engage with some of the key ethical and social 
issues thrown up by biological science and technology.

Through guided readings, online discussion, case studies and other 
activities participants will consider the social and ethical implications of 
increases in life span, cloning, genetic modification, genetic differences 
in race and gender, clinical trials in the developing world, eugenics, 
private markets in organs for transplant and the ownership of human tissue.

The course was created by Marianne Talbot, Director of Studies in Philosophy 
for the Department of Continuing Education. She adds: "These days science 
students cannot afford to be oblivious to the ethical and social issues 
surrounding their subjects. The online course in bioethics is designed 
especially for science graduates with no background in philosophy. All who 
complete it will find that they can discuss these issues with confidence."

This course is organised by the Oxford Bioinformatics Programme. For more 
information visit http://bioinfomsc.stats.ox.ac.uk/subjects/Ethics.html or 
email bioinfo from stats.ox.ac.uk

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