[Arabidopsis] RNA extraction from etiolated seedlings

Fankhauser Christian via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by Christian.Fankhauser from unil.ch)
Tue Aug 7 08:26:49 EST 2007

   Hi Stefan,
   you can obtain high quality RNA from etiolated seedlings using Qiagen
   columns. The yield is low particularly if you grow your seedlings in
   the absence of sucrose (e.g. 1/2X MS is what we typically do). Don't
   grow your seedlings for more than 4-5 days (5 days is really the
   maximum, I prefer 3-4 days)
   in our hands what works best is to extremely quickly (under safe green
   light) harvest and grind the etiolated seedlings under liquid N2 using
   a mortar and pestle (pre-chilled using liquid N2). This fine powder
   can then be stored at -70°C for short periods of time, we get best
   results by immediately processing it to get RNA.
   good luck   Christian
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