[Arabidopsis] visualizing pathways from list of AtXg numbers

Nicolas Tsesmetzis via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by nicolas.tsesmetzis from bbsrc.ac.uk)
Mon Aug 13 04:02:37 EST 2007

Apologies to all for the misspelt web address. Here is the correct  
one:  http://www.arabidopsisreactome.org/
Thanks to those of you for letting me know.

On 10 Aug 2007, at 10:48, Nicolas Tsesmetzis wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> You can use the Arabidopsis Reactome (www.arabidopsis.reactome.org)  
> which contains arabidopsis pathways some of which are manually  
> curated and the remaining are imported from KEGG and AraCyc. To  
> visualize the pathways from your AGI list follow the link to  
> "Skypainter" located on the top of the Arabidopsis Reactome home- 
> page, paste your AGI identifiers and click "Paint!". A few seconds  
> later you should have the corresponded reactions highlighted on the  
> reaction map. If your AGI's are followed by normalised expression  
> data, Skypainter's coloring will be done according to the average  
> of the numeric values of all identifiers linked to the reaction. A  
> time series can be displayed as an animation by providing multiple  
> values (on the same line, separated by a single space or tab) for  
> each identifier.
> Please note that this is a pre-release of Arabidopsis Reactome. The  
> main release (available in a couple of weeks) contains more  
> arabidopsis reactions as well as inferred reactions on other plant  
> species through orthologous mapping.
> Hope that helps.
> Regards,
> Nicolas
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