[Arabidopsis] Post-doctoral Fellowship in Plant Biochemistry

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        Postdoctoral Research Associate, Plant Physiologist/Biochemist

   Specialties:  BC-Biochemical structure/Synthesis, MB-Molecular
   Biology/Gene Regulation, ME-metabolism.
   Other Specialties: oxidative signaling; protein phosphorylation;
   protein degradation

   The U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service,
   Photosynthesis Research Unit, Urbana, IL, is seeking a postdoctoral
   research associate for up to 2 years to study the impact of oxidative
   signaling on protein phosphorylation in plants.  Specific focus is on
   the role of methionine oxidation, and this will be examined in vitro
   using synthetic peptides and recombinant protein kinases, and in vivo
   using transgenic plants with altered expression of genes encoding
   specific methionine sulfoxide reductases.  The overall objective is to
   test the emerging concept that reversible methionine oxidation
   participates in cellular responses to oxidative signals by attenuating
   the phosphorylation of key cellular proteins.   Requirements include a
   Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology or Biochemistry or a
   related biological/physical science, and a working knowledge of
   specialized techniques and procedures of molecular biology and protein
   phosphorylation.  Experience with manipulation of cDNAs, expression of
   recombinant proteins, and Arabidopsis transformation is essential.
   Experience with protein purification, enzyme assays and protein
   phosphorylation is highly desirable.  Citizenship restrictions apply.
   Salary of $52,912 plus benefits. Application Instructions:  Send
   curriculum vitae, transcripts, and names and contact information of
   three references (preferably by email) to:  Dr. Steven C. Huber, USDA
   ARS Photosynthesis Research Unit, University of Illinois, 197 ERML,
   1201 W. Gregory Dr., Urbana, IL 61801-3838.  FAX: 217-244-4419.
   E-mail: [1]schuber1 from life.uiuc.edu.
   Job Contact Email: [2]schuber1 from life.uiuc.edu.  The USDA/ARS is an
   equal opportunity employer and provider.

   SC Huber
   (USDA) Professor of Plant Biology and Crop Sciences
   USDA-ARS Photosynthesis Research Unit
   University of Illinois
   1201 W. Gregory Drive, 197 ERML
   Urbana, IL 61801-3838
   Tel: 217-265-0909
   Fax: 217-244-4419


   1. 3D"mailto:schuber1 from uiuc.edu"
   2. 3D"mailto:schuber1 from uiuc.edu"

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